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Astrocartography Readings

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This first part of your reading is an in-depth look into helping you understand the unique personal cosmic blueprint of your natal chart. I will happily answer your questions as we move through your chart. Your natal chart reading is a valuable self-navigation tool and the perfect composition for deepening your understanding of your soul journey. Next, we will go over your North & South Node placement and your annual profection year. Afterwards we will dive into your astrocartography mapping chart and I shall provide you with information on the energetics of locations around the globe that you have requested we go over. (You can choose up to 5 locations) Or I can pinpoint the best places that have the most promise based on what I see in the charts

📣Please specify after checkout through our “contact” page  the specific places that you are interested in having me look into for you. You may choose up to 4 places in the world.

📣Please also provide your date of birth, time of birth and place of birth after checkout as well via the “contact” page. Much appreciated! If you forget. I will contact and confirm via email. 

(Reading duration is 1 hour and 15mins)
• Once payment is made, I will reach out to book your reading. Expect to have your reading within 3-5 days!

• Readings will be done by Zoom and will be recorded. I will email just the audio recording after our session. I will also be emailing a lovely detailed Word document of notes for your reference of your astrocartography reading.
🚨Don’t feel like doing a face-face? We could do a call or I could just email over your reading via Word Document. Just let me know your preferred method 🙏🏼



  • Do I need to know my exact birth time?
 Yes. It’s very important we work with your exact birth place, time and date for maximum accuracy. If it’s even off by 10 mins, your reading may not resonate with you
  • Is the session recorded? 
Yes. Your reading will be recorded via zoom. I will email it to you after our time together. I recommend downloading it to your computer for your reference in the future. It will be nice to be able to reference your reading at different times in our life to check in with where you are at. I will also forward a PDF with notes for your reference
  • How should I prepare for my reading?
 Find some time beforehand to ground yourself before our call and so you can be focused during the reading. Be sure to make note of any questions you may have ahead of our reading. I will do my best to answer everything I can. There is no need to take notes as you will have the reading recorded to listen back on and your Word Document for future reference. 

**My Astrocartography readings harness my knowledge of ancient astrological wisdom along with working in unison with my own intuitive gift. I’m here as a guide to help you understand your cosmic soul path and remind you of your innate inner magic. Together we will uncover the planetary energies that await you. Using your personal cosmic blueprint to elevate and assist in understanding your truly magical self.