Aura Portrait

When we realize that everything originates from within, we'll see that all the love, peace, and happiness in the universe is inside. We can have that. It's really so simple and easy when you learn about the unique splendor of your own energy.” Dr. Guy Coggins.

 what is an aura

Humans, animals and plants, and even inanimate objects have an aura.

Everything is energy.
Your aura is the powerful electromagnetic egg-shaped energy field that surrounds your body, completely unique to you and integral to life. It is like a vibrant and colorful glow projected outwards from your physical body.
The human aura is made up of seven layers, each with a distinct purpose and meaning. Your aura is given life via the chakra system. We refer to the chakra chart when interpreting your aura portrait together.
The practice of aura photography, or aura portraits, provides us with a tangible way to witness our vibrational energy and learn how to navigate where we are in the moment, based on the colors that show up for us in our aura portrait.


What is Aura Photograph? image

Aura photography is a form of portrait photography that captures the subject’s aura.
An aura portrait is a snapshot of your energy, as it is in the current moment. As such, aura images taken even 15 minutes apart can be very different.
During a 10-second double exposure, the subject will place each hand upon two biofeedback hand sensors. These hand sensors will measure your electromagnetic field by monitoring acupressure points that correspond to energy channels in the body called Ayurvedic meridians.
An attached data box converts the energy readings into frequencies that correspond to certain colors. The first exposure of two seconds makes a straight polaroid portrait. Then, based on the biofeedback data from the hand sensors, returned to the camera, a second exposure of six to eight seconds superimposes the polychromatic color of your aura around you.
Every aura portrait is unique, depicting the individual’s metaphysical self in the form of energy.


what to expect

After your photo is processed, we will reveal your auric colors and their meaning. This is a very special part of the aura portrait experience that gives you insight into what your aura reveals in the current moment.

Aura Color Guide