Q & A

What type of camera do you use?
We use a vintage AuraCam 6000 that uses deadstock FP-100C film. Our camera was acquired here locally. The original operator of the camera provided locals and visitors to Oahu aura portraits for the past 25+ years. We are very honored to continue the service he so lovingly provided for the people here
How many people can be in a photo?
We can photograph up to two people in one photo. There is only 2 hand sensors available, so each person will have their hand on one sensor for the aura portrait photo


Can we do a family portrait?
Yes! We love doing family portraits. Please do keep in mind that there is only enough room tho for 2 adults and 1 child (under 7) This portrait will only show the combined auric field of the two adults who are using the hand sensors each. But, it will reflect the energy of the 3 of you together


Do you do aura portraits of children?
Yes absolutely. Children must be 7+ years old. Unfortunately we’ve found kids under 7 don’t have big enough hands yet to fit our adult sized hand sensors. Children also must be able to sit still for 10 seconds so we can adequately capture their aura photo properly
Is this safe when pregnant?

Yes! We love photographing mothers-to-be and the hand sensors are totally safe for all

 Do you photograph fur babies?

Yes! But, only 1 pet is allowed per portrait. There is a bit of a catch tho. You have to be in the aura portrait together. And, this will not show your pet’s aura. We just don’t have the special sensor plate to accommodate their paws yet. The portrait will just reflect your personal auric energy at the moment with your fur baby

What should I wear?

Solid dark colored clothing is a great choice for your aura portrait session. Shirts with patterns or large logos tend to make it harder for the colors to show through. However, it’s not mandatory to wear dark colors. Just wear something you feel good in! 

Can I wear my glasses?
You can wear them. But, wearing glasses can cause a reflection/glare from our lighting depending on the position of your face
Can I bring a friend to my appointment?
Yes, but if they want to do an Aura Portrait Session they will have to book a separate aura portrait session ahead of time
Do you book private events?
We sure do! Auracle is Oahu’s only fully mobile aura portrait studio and ready for your event of 10 or more people. Would you like to get a quote for your special event? Contact us

What is your cancellation/refund policy

All portrait session purchases are final. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate reschedules, cancellations, refunds or no-shows. We are unable to transfer your session to a later date, a different location, a different time, or provide a credit.

Late arrivals of 10 minutes past your scheduled appointment time will be considered a “no-show", resulting in forfeiture of your session. No exceptions.
If you're unable to make it to your session for any reason, you're more than welcome to send a friend in your place, gift your session, or sell your time slot to someone else.
What is your COVID-19 / illness policy?
You will be required to clean your hands with alcohol-based hand sanitizer provided by us before and after your portrait is taken. Our hand plates are sterilized between every session.
*Please do not book a portrait session of any kind if you are feeling sick or have the flu. In the case you become sick, or test positive for COVID-19 we unfortunately are unable to reschedule you, transfer your session to a different date, provide a credit or refund. You are able to gift your session to a friend, sell your ticket / time slot, or send someone else in your place. We ask that you book responsibly. All session bookings are final.