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The practice aura photography provides us with a tangible way to witness our vibrational energy, and learn how to navigate where we are in this moment, based on the colors that show up for us in the aura portrait. The human aura is made up of 7 layers, each with a distinct purpose and meaning. Your aura is given life via the chakra system. During your reading the chakra chart will be referenced when interpreting your aura portrait.


Humans, animals and plants, and even inanimate objects, have an aura. Everything is energy. Your aura is the powerful, electromagnetic, egg-shaped energy field that surrounds your body, completely unique to you, and integral to life. It is like a vibrant and colorful glow projected outwards from your physical body.


When you have your aura portrait taken, you will be placing your hands on silver hand plates that have Ayurvedic meridian acupressure sensor points on them. The energy you are expressing from your hands is picked up and messages are sent to the camera using a biofeedback measuring technique. Auracle uses a specialized vintage camera that was developed in the late 70's by Dr. Guy Coggins, called the AuraCamera 6000 (only 100 were made). The camera now uses dead stock peel apart Fuji film. The film is highly coveted and becoming increasingly hard to find since they stopped production in 2016.


Your aura portrait reading is based on the colors in your photo and can shed light on what you have been experiencing lately, what you can expect in the coming weeks, and how you can support your energy. A one card oracle card pull will be done as well in your reading - for a lil' divine guidance/vibe check while waiting for your aura portrait to develop.


Auracle is grateful and honored to be carrying on the work of Ken Austin of Paradise Aura. Now retired, he had been using this aura camera photographing the people of Oahu for the past 25+ years.



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