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The Auracle

Aura Portrait With Your Furbaby

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Curious about your aura colors combined with your furbaby? 

Our granny doggie Lily was sadly diagnosed with cancer this summer and she required surgery on August 22nd. All sales from furbaby aura portraits go towards Lily’s medical bills.

Lily and my family greatly appreciate your support.

  • On deadstock FP-100c film
  • 25-30 mins
  • Photos are 3.25" x 4.25"
  • Comes with keeper card with color guide
  • Aura portrait + brief interpretation of the colors in your aura

Each Portrait Session Receives:

  • One film portrait of your aura captured on rare deadstock peel-apart analog film *OUT OF PRODUCTION SINCE 2016*
  • Aura color guide card to reference the meaning of your colors at home
  • A brief interpretation of the colors that appear

* Studio is located in Niu Valley and aura portraits are taken inside my yurt- which is the tiniest cutest yurt ever. Affectionately referred to as, Lil’ Yurty 🛖

* There are no re-do’s. We shoot on LIMITED deadstock film; every photo we take is a keeper!

* Address details will be emailed the day of appoin