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Sacred Indigenous Medicine Pouch- Black Leather With Yellow Beads + Mini Crystal

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This (up-cycled) leather and beaded handmade pouch comes with a special angel aura quartz crystal and sustainably harvested white sage, cedar and sweetgrass for magic and protection. Harvested adhering to Indigenous protocol giving thanks to the living plant for providing its energy and power to the user.

Beads are Japanese Miyuki beads, and each bead is added with sweet intentions, to help protect and guide you on your journey. There are also 2 vintage brass beads added.

Angel Aura Quartz is known for promoting joy, light and optimism. A spiritual crystal that calms, and uplifts. It can invite deep peace during meditation.

Sweetgrass is used in smudges, healing or talking circles because it has a healing effect - its smoke is believed to purify thoughts, the environment and to eliminate bad or negative thoughts.

Cedar is a protection medicine used also to take away negativity and to invite positivity to you or your space.

Sage is used to prepare people for ceremonies and teachings. Because it is more medicinal and stronger than sweetgrass, it tends to be used more often in ceremonies. Sage is used for releasing what is troubling the mind and for removing negative energy. It is also used for cleansing homes and sacred items.

This is a great gift for you or your loved one to provide magic/protection for your life’s journey.

*Limited edition because of the vintage brass beads

Comes in 26” or 28” length.

Leather pouch is 1”x1”