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Aura Portrait Session

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  • Aura portrait + brief interpretation of the colors in your aura

  • On deadstock FP-100c film

  • 10-15 Minutes/ $90.00

  • Photos are 3.25" x 4.25"

  • Comes with keeper card with color guide

Each Portrait Session Receives:

  • One film portrait of your aura captured on rare deadstock peel-apart analog film *OUT OF PRODUCTION SINCE 2016*

  • Aura color guide card to reference the meaning of your colors at home

  • A brief interpretation of the colors that appear

* Studio is located in Kaka’ako and aura portraits are taken inside my yurt- which is the tiniest cutest yurt ever. Affectionately referred to as, Lil’ Yurty 🛖

(307c Kamani St. Honolulu, HI)

* There are no re-do’s. We shoot on LIMITED deadstock film; every photo we take is a keeper!

Add-On To Appointment:

Add one extra person $15

*One photo with two people